Special Investigations

Handling a loss
Grinnell Mutual’s Special Investigations team is made of up experts in fire, explosion, and fraud investigations. Investigators collect factual data using sophisticated techniques so that our mutual members can adequately assess covered losses.  The types of losses we investigate include:

  • Fire
  • Wind
  • Lightning
  • Theft
  • Product defects (manufacturers, dealers, contractors)

Evidence storage
Because contamination and spoliation are important issues in evidence retention, a state-of-the art evidence storage facility is available to our mutual members. 

Fraud and Arson Award program
We believe that doing the right thing is a value most people cherish.  That’s why we offer a $10,000 Fraud and Arson Award program for information about fraudulent or criminal losses to people or property insured with Grinnell Mutual or one of our member mutuals. 

Insurance fraud is one of the largest economic crimes in the United States.  Fraud affects all areas of insurance and includes:

  • False claims
  • Inflated or padded claims
  • Misreported accident claims
  • Inflated suppliers' prices
  • Staged accidents

If you suspect fraud, report it to local law enforcement and contact your insurance agent, company, or state insurance department.