Brandon Plombon

Helping producers be their best

Every success story has footnotes of the people who helped that person on their path. Brandon Plombon, producer and general insurance agent with United Prairie Insurance Agency in Mt. Lake, Minn., credits Grinnell Mutual and its commercial underwriters for helping him — and his customers.

Plombon, a millennial and a graduate of Minnesota State University-Mankato, seriously considered an insurance career after graduation. After working for several years in employee benefits, he and his wife moved back to Mt. Lake, their hometown. He earned his general insurance license and joined United Prairie Insurance Agency in 2016.

He still remembers writing his first commercial policy — and how Grinnell Mutual’s underwriters coached him the through the process — applications, quoting, and supplements — even when he felt like it was, in his words, “a mess.”

“My underwriter said that people who have done this for 30 years still do that. Don’t feel bad,” said Plombon.

The partnership with Grinnell Mutual makes a difference

Plombon has found that since that first policy, he can count on Grinnell Mutual’s underwriters.

“If I have questions about the risks and the guidelines, they’ll help answer them for me,” said Plombon. “People doing this for years still have questions and issues because you can’t possibly know everything.”

Plombon has also taken advantage of continuing education offered by Grinnell Mutual, attending its Commercial Lines Academy in September 2017.

“It gave me a lot of ideas to consider,” said Plombon. “Like looking out for certain coverages and nuances for particular target markets, and finding coverages that other carriers may not offer.”

Plombon feels that Grinnell Mutual is making him a better producer which helps him better serve his customers.

“It’s great to find a go-to, reliable carrier that does what they say they will,” said Plombon. “Grinnell Mutual has competitive rates, they pay claims, and they service the account. That’s where Grinnell Mutual has stepped up. They do all of that for us.”