Farm Mutual Reinsurance

Foundation of security
Grinnell Mutual’s reinsurance products provide the foundation of service and financial security for farm mutual members today just as they have for the past century.  Our mission is the same as it was in 1909 – to provide reinsurance products and services to protect the assets of our mutual members.  Coverage for your policyholders is important to you – coverage for you and your risks is important to us. 

Reinsurance your way
Grinnell Mutual’s flexible reinsurance programs allow us to tailor a plan to your company’s specific needs.  Our programs, which are partially rated based on your experience, include a wide range of options:

  • Occurrence coverage
  • Annual aggregate coverage
  • Catastrophe protection
  • Facultative reinsurance
  • Package coverages

Sharing the risk
Mutuals and agents hate to turn away good business.  Sometimes, because of risk and exposure, that’s just what happens with high-value homes or large agri-businesses.  Grinnell Mutual’s Quota Share Homeowners and Quota Share Farmowners help bring capacity relief.  You can write more business without assuming more exposure. 

Superior service – A competitive advantage
Providing large company services and resources to our FarMutual® members, their agents, and policyholders is our priority.  Grinnell Mutual members gain that all important competitive advantage to help them stand out in their marketplace.

Our FarMutual members are entitled to any or all of our signature special services, most at no additional cost.  Our members say that our personal, friendly people and hallmark services make Grinnell Mutual their company of choice.