Experience pays off for Lahr at Members Mutual

Experience pays off for Lahr at Members Mutual

Almost all of us have had a first job, but it’s uncommon for those early work experiences to pay dividends in our careers over the long-term. For Scott Lahr, secretary-manager-treasurer of Members Mutual Insurance Company, his construction work has paid him twice.

“I made good money but got stuck in a rut,” said Lahr. “The opportunity came up to get into the insurance business as an adjuster and inspector, and my experience as a contractor helped tremendously.”

Property inspection prepares customers

Lahr’s experiences have led him to make property inspection and claims adjusting selling points for his Storm Lake, Iowa, company. 

“We inspect every property. We do background checks on the equipment. We make sure blankets are up to date” so that different insurance coverages have a single limit, said Lahr.

Lahr believes this focus is key when it comes to how they serve their customers.

“It helps the customer at the time of loss because we assist them in making sure they’re insured to value. Knowing they’re paid fairly on their claims because they have the right value on the right stuff and they’re blankets are up to value. It makes a big difference to the policyholder,” said Lahr.

Customer service backs up professional experience

Even with his multi-syllabic title, Lahr can’t do everything himself. That’s one reason he emphasizes a team approach. 

“I like to empower my people to take care of things when agents or customers call — to make sure people get their questions answered and problems solved,” Lahr said. “That’s why we cross-train — so we can take care of the customer.

“Service is the biggest thing for us. That’s what we take pride in.”

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