We focus on what matters.
It doesn’t matter if you’re a working the dinner rush at your restaurant or you’re up at 3 a.m. to open the doors to your convenience store. You know the value of hard work and what it means to the success of your small business. Grinnell Mutual understands that, too, which is why we protect your investment like it’s our own. Our Target Markets programs help you get on your feet and stay on your feet.

We believe your business is our business.
Launching your own business is brave, and sometimes courage can feel risky. Knowing you’re responsible for a staff, a building, its contents, and your reputation can result in some sleepless nights. Grinnell Mutual provides the peace of mind your need with our comprehensive Commercial Insurance Package Policy, from workers’ compensation to cyber liability. You can trust that we’re looking out for your hard-earned establishment rain or shine — because when you succeed, we succeed.

We believe in education.
A big part of our job at Grinnell Mutual is to keep our customers safe. We’ve built a stellar reputation on protecting people and their livelihoods, but we understand that teaching them how to be proactive about their safety goes a long way, too. That’s why we offer our commercial insurance customers a variety of tools to keep their workplaces less vulnerable, their employees out of harm’s way, and their doors open for business. Our Preventing Losses program is chock-full of valuable resources — like informative books, posters, and videos — all designed to keep you and your most valuable assets intact and operating smoothly.

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