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Insurance: “Actually, it’s not boring!”

If you work in insurance, you’re likely aware that an insurance career has a reputation — one that rhymes with snoring.

“When people think of insurance, they think boring,” said Emelia Baker, an agent with The Cornerstone Agency and Premier Ag Farm Partners in Tampico, Ill. “Actually, it’s not! We run into different situations and scenarios every day. It’s kind of like putting the pieces of a puzzle together. What company will they fit with? What coverages do they need? It’s actually more interesting than they would think.”

Baker got her start in insurance while a student at Illinois State University. Her grandmother, a customer of The Cornerstone Agency, asked agency owner Greg Sandrock to keep an eye out for employment opportunities. He had one — at the agency. It led to a full-time position servicing existing customers and quoting and underwriting new farm customers.

Grinnell Mutual helps Baker succeed as an agent

The longstanding relationship between Grinnell Mutual and The Cornerstone Agency has helped Baker in her insurance career.

“Because I’m newer in insurance, I have a lot of questions,” said Baker, now in her fourth year in insurance. “Grinnell Mutual is very easy to work with. Their underwriters are great. If I shoot them an email with a quick question I get a response the same day. They are patient with explaining their reasoning for looking at things and why we need coverages and explaining the coverages we need or don’t need.”

The Cornerstone Agency has placed business with Grinnell Mutual for more than 25 years, and Baker trusts that the relationship will continue to pay dividends tomorrow.

“With all the changes, I think that the relationship we’ve built already will be beneficial for the future because we know Grinnell is there and has our back,” said Baker. “The relationship will continue to grow.”

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