She knows how to work

She knows how to work

Successful insurance agents know the secret to success is building trusted relationships. The question is: How?  

As the farm account manager at Lee Agency in Muscatine, Iowa, Becky Martin has found that her deep farm roots have yielded a strong connection with the agency’s farm customers.

“Our farmers like to know that we have their farm handled and that we will take care of them,” said Martin. “We make sure they have the best coverage, so they don’t have to worry.”

Building trust with skeptical farmers

Martin grew up on a farm and worked for a dairy farm — in fact, she still helps out some weekends. But when she first stepped into her current role, she could sense skepticism from many of the agency’s farm customers.

“They were uncertain of who I was because I was new to the agency and they hadn’t seen my face much,” said Martin.

Opinions changed when long-time agency owner Tom Norton invited Martin in on the farm reviews they held with their customers.

“Tom would tell them I grew up on farm and worked on a dairy farm,” said Martin. “The comment I heard most was, ‘Oh, so she knows how to work.’ I felt relieved and they felt more comfortable, knowing me and my farm background.

“Before, they would call the producer. Now, they’re more willing to call in and talk to me. They know they can ask for me and know that I’m going to take care of them. Because I understand it, they’re usually much more open to telling me what’s going on.”

Relationships yield dividends

Lee Agency may have planted the seeds, but it’s up to Martin to cultivate their customer relationships. She asks questions to find out about their farm operations. Their answers help Martin and Lee Agency to work with Grinnell Mutual to provide coverage that fit their customers’ needs.

“I work with Grinnell Mutual and our mutual most for farm insurance,” said Martin. “The products make Grinnell Mutual distinctive.”

As farm operations grow and innovate, Grinnell Mutual’s farm insurance coverages adapt to those farm risks.

“I think that the relationship between Lee Agency and Grinnell Mutual will just continue to grow for the best coverage and service for our clients,” said Martin.

That relationship makes the difference.

“Grinnell Mutual cares about our farmers as much as we do,” said Martin. “They help us as much as they can so that we can give our customers the best service we possibly can.”