Employees donate holiday gift money

Employees donate holiday gift money

This holiday season, Grinnell Mutual employees had a choice to receive a company-purchased gift or decline the gift and donate the cash equivalent to charity.

A total of $13,260 was donated to causes important to Grinnell Mutual employees including $9,330 directed to the national food charity Feeding America. Funds also went to Mid-Iowa Community Action (MICA), a local food pantry. The additional $3,930 was donated to  Christmas Share. Christmas Share, started in 1991, delivers food packages as well as gifts to disadvantaged residents of Poweshiek County.

“Grinnell Mutual employees are always very generous, especially at the holidays. This year is no exception. If anything, there is more need to help families have a happy holiday season,” said Grinnell Mutual Event Planner, Lori Smith.

Grinnell Mutual and its employees have a long history of community sponsorship and charity, and this holiday season that tradition continues.

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