Kane County Mutual joins Grinnell Mutual

Kane County Mutual Insurance Company in Geneva, Ill. will ring in the new year by joining over 250 other affiliated insurance companies as a member of Grinnell Mutual.

“My hopes with the mutual member relationship is to grow stronger together each year while continuing to receive excellent service,” said Kane County Mutual Secretary/Treasurer Kathleen Rice. “I’m optimistic that our agents will be pleased with the many coverages being offered. We plan to continue to add agencies to our company and know that Grinnell Mutual is a great resource for this possibility.”

Rice was instrumental in forming the new relationship, which began tentatively in early 2016. After attending a claims seminar in Bloomington, Ill., Rice was approached by Grinnell Mutual Regional Marketing Manager Curt Capper, who asked if he could meet with her in the near future to discuss how Grinnell Mutual could be beneficial to Kane Mutual.

“Kathy is an experienced manager, and Kane’s board of directors understand reinsurance relationships,” said Capper. “Additionally, Kane County is located in an area where Grinnell Mutual has very little concentration, so it’s a great fit for both of us.”

Although Kane County Mutual already had a reinsurer in place, Rice recalled a recent Illinois Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (IAMIC) seminar in which she noticed how engaged Grinnell Mutual representatives were.

“I thought to myself how important that is for a company-reinsurer relationship,” said Rice. “That hadn’t been my experience with our other insurer.”

It happened fast. An early May board meeting followed after Rice’s and Capper’s consultation, and the vote was unanimous: Kane County Mutual would join Grinnell Mutual as a member, effective Jan. 1, 2017.

“Grinnell Mutual is a financially stable company with a great reputation,” said Rice. “The mutual managers I’ve spoken to speak very highly of Grinnell Mutual. My personal experience so far has been wonderful. I learned a great deal when I visited the campus in October. All of the employees I’ve met have been extremely helpful.”

Kane County Mutual, which launched as Kane County Famers Mutual Fire Insurance Company in 1925, is currently represented by 15 independent agencies and offers affordable, dependable home and farm property and liability insurance coverage for residents in 23 northern Illinois counties. The company has over 2,600 policyholders.

“Our mission is to provide quality insurance and dependable service for our policyholders that meets or exceeds their expectations,” said Rice. “Excellent customer service is at the root of everything we do, and I can’t think of a better example to follow than Grinnell Mutual.”

Visit Grinnell Re to learn more about how Grinnell Mutual partners with quality mutual companies to offer dependable home and farm protection. To find out more about Kane County Mutual, visit their website.