Third-party bill payment service charging fees

Beware third-party bill-pay services

Web-based third-party services that offer to pay bills for customers are legion. And while the services are legal, their websites can be misleading.

While policyholder payments are routed to Grinnell Mutual (or whatever business you’re trying to pay), these services charge a fee to act as middle-man. They are NOT affiliated in any way with Grinnell Mutual. And because Grinnell Mutual doesn’t collect these fees, it cannot reimburse its customers for them.

Recently, some Grinnell Mutual customers learned that the hard way. In a Google search for “pay my Grinnell Mutual bill” (and other iterations of the same query), third-party bill payment services nearly always come up, often at the top of the page because these companies pay to make that happen. Doxo, Prism, and Mint are a few of them.

The easiest solution, if you don’t want to pay fees, is to pay attention to the URL (web address) of the site you’re looking at. An actual Grinnell Mutual site URL will always have “” included in it.

For example, the web address for Grinnell Mutual’s Manage My Account page (where policyholders can pay online) looks like this:

Doxo’s URL for paying a Grinnell Mutual bill looks like this: Our name is in the link, but our web address is not.

Paying Grinnell Mutual directly

Grinnell Mutual never charges its policyholders a fee for on-time payments. We accept payments through the Manage My Account policyholder portal, and by mail or telephone. (Want to pay online but don’t have an online account? It’s simple to set one up.)

If you find third-party bill-paying services convenient and cost-effective for your needs, please feel free to use them. It will not affect your service level from Grinnell Mutual.

We are taking steps to minimize the likelihood of our customers inadvertently sending their payments through one of these services, but even as we make progress, so do the companies that sell this service.

There will always be new ways to catch buyers unaware, so the lesson in a nutshell is this: Look before you click.