Auto Safety, Tips, Resources Archive

Auto Safety, Tips, Resources Archive

Summer toy safety (05/29/2019)
Summer toy safety tips for your boat, motorcycle, RV, and ATV from Grinnell Mutual.

Coverage when keys are left in vehicle (11/05/2018)
Leaving your keys in your vehicle keeping spare set of keys in your vehicle, coverage still applies, I left my keys in my vehicle, does coverage still apply?

Driving while distracted: a matter of life and death, in seconds (09/12/2018)
Distracted teen drivers are at high risk for accidents

Avoid the deer caught in your headlights (08/29/2018)
During deer season, you’re twice as likely to hit a deer while driving. Avoid a deer-vehicle collision with these tips.

Back to school safety (08/06/2018)
t’s likely that at least some part of every school-aged student’s journey to or from school will be on foot. You can ensure that they get to school and back home safely by using extra caution while driving around schools and parks.

Motorcycle, car safety (03/21/2018)
Keeping your distance, taking time to look twice, checking your blind spot: Tips for sharing the roads with motorcycles

Defensive driving (12/13/2017)
Distractions, bad drivers, and bad weather may create situations for accidents. Using good driving habits may help to prevent an accident.

Watch for deer (09/19/2017)
Deer-vehicle crashes peak in the fall, and a deer hit can mean costly car repairs. So remember, don’t veer for deer.

CyberScout services (09/18/2017)
Grinnell Mutual has partnered with CyberScout to protect you from identity thieves who are looking for ways to take advantage of your good name, no matter where you and your family are in life.

Land-based recreational vehicles (09/18/2017)
Brush up on land-based RV insurance requirements and safety tips so you can enjoy the ride with peace of mind.

Auto coverage terms (07/18/2017)
To make the best decisions when purchasing auto insurance, you'll want to understand what's covered and what's not. We can help answer some questions.

Prepare for your road trip with these travel tips and checklists (06/30/2017)
Traveling can be stressful, but with the right amount of preparation, your next trip will be a breeze. Get organized with these simple Grinnell Mutual checklists and look through our tips and tricks before heading out.

Insurance for college students (06/21/2017)
College comes with lots of questions. Student housing (a dorm? an apartment?) and having your own car will change your insurance needs. Let’s hit the books!

Distracted teen driving (04/05/2017)
Your job as a parent is to keep your kids safe, healthy, and happy. But when the teen years hit, the yearning for independence gets stronger by the day.

Get your motor running: Seasonal boat and motorcycle tips (04/05/2017)
Whether you’re an avid boater or a diehard motorcyclist, we’ve got the information you need to stay safe.