Auto Safety, Tips, Resources Archive

Auto Safety, Tips, Resources Archive

Careful drivers avoid accidents (12/11/2023)
Safe drivers develop good driving habits, including renouncing cell phone use while driving and staying aware of weather conditions. Read our article — and follow our links — for more.

Watch for cyclists (09/08/2023)
Bike riders have the same rights on the road that motorists do. Here are some tips to help you share the road safely.

Car insurance for college students (07/19/2023)
Car insurance for college students can be expensive. Learn some ways to lower your costs.

Car insurance: Know the basics (06/15/2023)
Information about buying or changing your auto insurance and what to have for your agent

Riding out the storm (05/26/2023)
Stormy weather can often cause hazardous conditions while driving, so it’s important to know what actions to take and avoid while driving.

Spring cleaning your car (01/20/2023)
Make sure your car is clean and ready for spring road trips.

Safe winter off-roading (11/02/2022)
Enjoy winter sports safely on your ATV or snowmobile with common-sense safety tips

Winter driving safety (11/02/2022)
During winter, the challenges for drivers go up as the temperature goes down. Here are some suggestions for staying safe out on the road.

Motorcycle, car safety (05/09/2022)
In 2021, the most recent year for which figures are available, 83,000 motorcyclists were injured; nearly 6,000 of those injuries were fatal. Read these tips if you’re planning to hop on your bike.

Traffic fatalities (01/10/2022)
Even though total traffic volume was down dramatically in 2020 as a result of the pandemic, traffic fatality rates increased according to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

Car insurance terms explained (12/29/2021)
A car insurance policy is full of insurance terms, definitions, and coverages. We can help define the meaning of your auto insurance policy.

Avoid the deer in your headlights (10/21/2021)
During deer season, you’re twice as likely to hit a deer while driving. Avoid a deer-vehicle collision with these tips.

Travel checklists (10/06/2021)
Traveling can be stressful, but with the right amount of preparation, your next trip will be a breeze. Get organized with these simple Grinnell Mutual checklists and look through our tips and tricks before heading out.

Coverage when keys are left in vehicle (09/30/2021)
When you leave your keys in your vehicle or keep a spare set of keys in your vehicle and someone steals that vehicle, does Grinnell Mutual insurance coverage still apply?

Distracted teen driving (09/21/2021)
Distracted driving is a cause for teen driving accidents. Texting while driving and other cognitive distractions can create challenges for teens behind the wheel. What can you do to prevent distracted driving?

Insurance for college students (08/06/2021)
College students may need car insurance and renters insurance. What is the best car insurance for college students? What renters insurance fits the needs of college students?

teen drinking and driving (07/28/2021)
Car crashes are still the leading cause of death for teens, and about a quarter of those crashes involve an underage, intoxicated driver — the leading factors in fatal accidents.

boat safety (05/06/2021)
Practice boat safety before you launch your boat. You can take a boater education course, inspect boat safety equipment, and get a vessel safety check.

Driving on flooded roads (04/28/2020)
It can be dangerous to drive on a flooded road. It’s hard to tell how deep water is merely by looking at it. Stay safe when roads could be flooded with these tips from Grinnell Mutual..

Land-based recreational vehicles (09/18/2017)
Brush up on land-based RV insurance requirements and safety tips so you can enjoy the ride with peace of mind.