Home Safety, Tips, Resources

Home Safety, Tips, Resources

We're committed to helping you prevent losses at home. Read (and share!) our home safety tips and resources.

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Top causes of loss (06/05/2023)
Electrical fires were the leading cause of fire loss for Grinnell Mutual in 2022, according to its Special Investigations department. Electrical issues caused 106 of the 239 determined fires they investigated last year. Read how you can prevent an electrical fire, and what to do if you have an electrical fire.

The right security system (05/26/2023)
Choosing a security system for your home can help prevent crime

Tornado safety (05/23/2023)
As the climate changes and storms become more severe, it’s more important than ever to know how to keep yourself, your family, and your property safe during tornado season, which will last (for a broad swath of the country), from May into July.

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