Commercial background checks

Commercial Background Checks

Grinnell Mutual’s Commercial Program offers professional background screening services. Background checks help you ensure the quality and retention of your new hires, manage and minimize risk, and increase safety in your organization.*

Through its partnership with IntelliCorp®, Grinnell Mutual provides our commercial customers with discounted rates on background checks and employment screening products to help policyholders mitigate risk and serve organizational needs. Grinnell Mutual also offers a discounted rate for background screening services to all of its commercial insureds.

The package is $21.75 per background check, plus a monthly service fee of $20 per month, and includes:

  • Waived activation fee
  • Validated Criminal Database
    • Nationwide sex offender
    • Department of corrections
  • Unlimited single county searches** (seven-year address history; arrest record search recommendation)
  • SSN verification with address history
  • Government sanctions (terrorist search)

Other searches, such as motor-vehicle reports and credit reports, are available for an added fee.

Get the special access code for IntelliCorp's secure, password-protected website by going to our terms of use page, agreeing to the terms, then entering your active Grinnell Mutual policy number. Your code will appear at the bottom of the terms of use page.

To learn more or for assistance please contact:
Paul Strnad, Senior Sales Representative

*May not be available in all states. State laws vary as to whether background checks are permitted for the hiring or screening of prospective employees. Background checks should not be used for hiring or screening for employment purposes without consulting an attorney in your area. Failure to do so may result in your organization violating state laws regulating employment practices. Further, you should always obtain the prior written permission of the person for whom the background check is to be conducted, even if state law authorizes the check.

**Mandatory court fees may apply and will be added if applicable