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You want custom-built insurance that fits the way you do business? We’ve got you covered, from your building to your favorite hammer, your outdoor sign, and your personal effects.

These are just some of the coverages we offer. Find out more.


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Custom contractor business insurance coverages*

  • Contractors Combined Blanket, $5,000
  • Limited Care, Custody, or Control, $10,000/$25,000
  • Limited Voluntary Property Damage, $25,000/$10,000
  • Non-owned Tools and Equipment, $5,000
  • Spoilage, $10,000
  • Tools and Equipment, $5,000 ($2,000 per tool limit)

*Higher limits may be available.

Optional business insurance coverages

  • Contractors Errors and Omissions for select trades
  • Scheduled Tools and Equipment




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