Auto policy changes information

Changes to your auto policy


Grinnell Mutual is in the process of moving all personal auto policies (which may include recreational vehicle and farm truck policies)  to our new technology platform. This migration to the new platform will be on a rolling basis by renewal date and will happen through August 2023. On your renewal date, you will need to start managing your auto policy/ies on that new platform.

We know that transitioning to a new technology comes with complications and temporary inconveniences and we very much appreciate your patience through the process. We hope this information helps you navigate some of those changes.

If you have questions or need help after reading the provided information, please call Grinnell Mutual. You can reach our Customer Service department at 800-362-2041.

Important information

  • Your policy renewal date determines when the change actually affects you.
  • Once your policy renews, you will manage it on the new platform, and you will need to create a new account to pay your renewal premium if you pay online.
  • Until your auto policy's actual renewal date, you can continue to manage the non-payment functions (claims, policy info, documents) on the current platform.
  • You will continue to manage all other Grinnell Mutual polices on the current platform. 
  • Once the auto policy migration is complete, you'll receive separate invoices for your auto policy and any other policy/ies you have.
  • Personal auto policy payments must be made separately from other policy payments as they go to two separate places.
  • EFT (electronic funds transfer) users: Please read the EFT information section below.

Advantages of our new system

Along with all the functions of the online account you've had — getting your auto ID card, filing a claim, etc. — there are some new features.

  • More payment options
    • Schedule recurring debit and credit card payments
    • Schedule future-dated payments until due date
    • Now accepting Discover cards
  • Filing auto claims
    • Claims are automatically assigned to an adjuster upon submission
    • Easier to review coverages and claims details
    • Separate, simple path to file windshield claims
  • Other benefits
    • Your agent information available from your dashboard view
    • Easy access to your policy and account information


Our current billing platform allows for billing “in arrears.” This means that you can set your EFT withdrawal date for any point during the month for that month's coverage.  However, on the new platform, all payments must be made in advance.

You can still set the date you prefer, but the withdrawal on that date will cover the next month's payment. You won't need to re-set up your EFT schedule on the new platform unless you want to change the date funds are withdrawn; your current settings will carry over to the new platform.

For this renewal term ONLY, Grinnell Mutual will spread the first month’s premium for the new policy term evenly across the remaining months of the term (five months of a six-month term, or 11 months of a 12-month term).

If you would prefer to pay the full amount due for the first month on your new policy term, that payment will be credited to the following month(s).

Example: Jill Policyholder

Jill has a Grinnell Select auto insurance policy that has a six-month term* — Dec. 18, 2021, to June 18, 2022. She chose to have an EFT payment withdrawn on the 15th of every month. The amount due on her current policy term (Dec. 18, 2021, to June 18, 2022) will be automatically deducted through EFT on June 15 (the date Jill set). 

For Jill's new policy term (June 18, 2022–Dec. 18, 2022), let's say her premium is $100 a month. Jill's EFT withdrawal date setting will carry over from the current platform to the new one. However, the $100 will NOT be withdrawn on June 15 as it normally would have been. Instead, that June payment will be spread among her monthly premiums for July–November, 2022, making each of those payments $120 ($100/5 months = $20 per month extra).

NOTE: This is a one-term change and will happen ONLY for this renewal period while policies migrate to the new platform.

On Dec. 15, 2022, the end of Jill’s first term managed on the new platform, her EFT withdrawals will return to $100 each month** starting with the Dec. 15 payment, and will be spread over the whole six months of the following term (Dec. 18, 2022–June 18, 2023).

Once her account has migrated to the new platform, in order to access online functions (get an auto ID card, see her policy details, file a claim etc.), Jill will need to create a new account that links to the new platform.

*This scenario also applies to 12-month terms
** The premium on your renewal term may differ from the previous policy term.

Jill’s calendar looks like this:

Policy chart calendar