Our Stories

Our Stories

Grinnell Mutual is more than a name and a brand. There are real people on the other side of the logo and the telephones. People who have kids and hobbies and go to church and the grocery store. People who are knowledgeable and professional and experienced in their fields. And people who are our partners in providing our customers with quality insurance products and the personalized service we’re known for.

We'd like you to meet them.

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Our voices

Stories by and about our employees, who share their knowledge and their commitment to act with integrity, trust and respect our employees, value our relationships, and serve and protect our customers.

In the community

Tim Turba: U.S. Army Reserve

Grinnell Mutual appreciates and honors our veterans, and we'd like you to meet one of them. Tim Turba is an underwriter and served 20 years in the Army Reserves.

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Our employee stories

Matthew Schulte

Matthew Schulte parlayed an internship into a full-time gig. Learn about his experience.

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Serving our customers

Vicki Carlson: Strong relationships stick

Sales manager Vicki Carlson shares her story of being there for an agent at an unexpectedly tough time.

Jeannette Dunham

Our CSRs are the face of Grinnell Mutual. "We're able to work with the customer," says Jeannette, a senior customer service representative.

Tara Illg: A Lasting Impression

Each of us have opportunities every day to leave lasting impressions on the people that we are charged with helping. Sometimes they, too, leave a lasting impressions on us. Tara Illg, claims manager, shares her personal experience of trusted relationships in the claims process.

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Our partners

Mutual Members

We cultivate trusted relationships with Grinnell Mutual members by providing state-of-the-art reinsurance solutions and consultative services focusing on members' success. Read their stories.

Teri Krysa, Arlington Mutual

Arlington Mutual became a Grinnell Mutual member in February 2018. We sat down with them to look back at our relationship and talk about tomorrow.

Suzanne Wood, Farm & Home Mutual, and Jacque Arreola, Jacqueline Arreola, LLC

When Jacque Arreola opened an independent agency, she found a partner in Suzanne Wood and Farm & Home Mutual. Watch to see how their commitment to customer service is making a difference in Washington, Iowa — the place they each call home.

Bob Abens, Humboldt Mutual

What does having Grinnell Re to lean on as a partner mean? For Bob Abens, manager of Grinnell Mutual member Humboldt Mutual, it meant that a catastrophe didn’t feel like one.

Jennifer Glassgow, Legacy Mutual

How is service more than a promise? For Jennifer Glassgow, president and treasurer at Legacy Mutual (formerly Southwest Iowa Mutual), our service helps her help her customers.

Brad and Russell Schanilec, Walsh County Mutual

Relationships matter. Brad and Russell Schanilec of Walsh County Mutual, a Grinnell Mutual member, share what we do to keep that relationship with them strong.

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Independent agents

We cultivate trusted relationships with independent agents by providing insurance solutions with a focus on ease of doing business. Read their stories.

Ben Brooks and Adam Murray

Adam Murray of Capitol Insurance and Ben Brooks, sales manager, talk about how trust in tomorrow can build the relationships to help them — and their customers — succeed.

BJ Moyer, Moyer & Moyer Insurance Agency

When Moyer & Moyer Insurance Agency of Lee's Summit, Mo., was ready to expand into new markets, Grinnell Mutual was the "first phone call we made," says President BJ Moyer.

Eric Wilcoxon, Wilcoxon Insurance Agency

“What Grinnell does for me is almost kind of odd in today’s insurance world. As large as they are, they still cultivate personal relationships,” says Eric Wilcoxon, owner of Wilcoxon Insurance Agency in Van Buren, Mo. “They help you write the account and they realize you’re calling your underwriter because you know it’s a good piece of business to begin with. Because of the relationship that you build, they also want to see you succeed.”

Stacy Bleich, Densmore Insurance Strategies

“It’s exciting to have the opportunity to grow with a carrier,” says Stacy Bleich of Densmore Insurance Strategies.

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