Our Stories

Our Stories

Grinnell Mutual is more than a name and a brand. There are real people on the other side of the logo and the telephones. People who have kids and hobbies and go to church and the grocery store. People who are knowledgeable and professional and experienced in their fields. And people who are our partners in providing our customers with quality insurance products and the personalized service we’re known for.

We'd like you to meet them.

Our voices

Stories by and about our employees, who share their knowledge and their commitment to act with integrity, trust and respect our employees, value our relationships, and serve and protect our customers.

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Our employee stories

Serving our customers


Our partners

Mutual Members

We cultivate trusted relationships with Grinnell Mutual members by providing state-of-the-art reinsurance solutions and consultative services focusing on members' success. Read their stories.

Independent agents

We cultivate trusted relationships with independent agents by providing insurance solutions with a focus on ease of doing business. Read their stories.