Customer service representatives

Customer service representatives answer the call

In this digital age, our phones can do almost anything (even make phone calls). And when you use your phone to call Grinnell Mutual, our customer service representatives (CSRs) answer your calls — 181,681 calls in 2019.

And they never know exactly what that next call will bring. It may be a question about a policy, making a payment, or what tires to buy.


Yes, tires.

“She needed new tires and wondered what kind we recommended. I said that I can't really recommend one,” said Jeannette Dunham, a senior customer service representative. “I suggested that she talk to someone at her auto repair shop.”

The face of Grinnell Mutual

For Grinnell Mutual, customer service is at the center of our trusted relationships.

In 2019, Dunham took a staggering 9,059 customer calls and 2,767 calls from agents. “With all the phone calls, we’re kind of the hub,” Dunham said.

Dunham and her colleagues field calls from both independent agents and policyholders. The calls are most often about bill payment and policy status, and there are “regulars” who prefer doing business over the phone.

“Sometimes you have people who you can tell are just lonely and that 2-minute phone payment may take a little longer but that's what we're here for,” said Dunham.

When you call Grinnell Mutual

Our customer service representatives recommended ways you can save time when you call.

  • Know your policy number. As a Grinnell Mutual policyholder, you are a person, not a number. But to assist you, your CSR will need your policy number, so have it handy.
  • Be clear. Talking on the phone is a little different than speaking with someone face-to-face. “You have to be a detective sometimes,” said Timm. Before you call, take a moment to figure out how to say aloud what your issue is and how Grinnell Mutual’s CSRs can solve it for you. A little clarity goes a long way — consider writing your issue down before you call.
  • Be kind. Life can be stressful, and our CSRs are committed to hearing and helping you. Please, don’t raise your voice to them.
  • Be honest. Sometimes unexpected things happen — that’s one reason why you have insurance. But know that whether it’s a dead dog, family illness, or a scheduling issue, our CSRs have probably heard it before, so there’s no need to feel nervous or embarrassed.
  • Be patient. Especially on Mondays, Fridays, and the days before or after a holiday. These are the days our CSRs receive the most calls — more than 100 per person per day, in some cases!

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