People Helping People

People helping people

Think running a business can be complicated? Try insuring one — and its multiple buildings, equipment, employees, and risks. How can an insurance agent work with a business to assess and place the risks?

Brandon Plombon, producer and general insurance agent with United Prairie Insurance Agency in Mt. Lake, Minn., recognizes that people are at the center of a successful business.

“It’s all about connecting with people,” said Plombon. “That’s what businesses are in their essential form — people helping people.”

Building trusted relationships with customers

“We’re in the relationship-building business. That’s really the whole thing — it’s just relationships,” said Plombon. “If people don’t like me and trust me, it’s hard to sell them insurance and place them where they need to go.”

Sometimes that means connecting with his business customers — asking them about their families, their work, their life. For Plombon, it means sharing a little about himself so they share about themselves, too. He makes an authentic connection to build the trust.

“They can rely on us. If they have questions, they can trust us with the answers we give and trust that when they do have claims or billing issues they can get them resolved,” said Plombon. “They have a face-to-face person. They don’t have an 800 number; they have a local agent who’s two blocks up the street.”

Helping customers with insurance

Commercial insurance can seem much more complicated than health, life, or even auto and homeowners insurance. Plombon relishes the opportunity that presents for him to help his customers insure their risks.

“When you look into the policy details, you find gaps for certain risks,” said Plombon. “It gives people piece of mind to fill the gaps in their coverage. And do it in a friendly way that lets them know that I’m here to help them.

“That’s what we’re all here to do in insurance — help the customer.”